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Customized parts for brass material : If you need a custom brass part for your unique requirement we are one of the most capable and affordable sources and we can get the job done right. Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to produce all types of custom brass parts. Our brass parts have different applications. We have an array of products that are customized or created especially for clients. PexTech Metals manufactures brass parts using many different processes: Bending, Counter boring, Counter sinking, Drilling, Surface Grinding, Knurling, Milling, Reaming, Threading & Tapping, Turning via CNC Lathe. Our wide range of products --Machine parts --Decorative items --Furnishing fixtures --Instruments and parts --Electrical and plumbing parts --Accessories like nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
  • 2018-01-23T04:08:46

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